God Whispers to Our Hearts

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God Whispers to Our HeartsI Am a Sinner – Celebrate the Kingdom – God’s Plan for Us Such are the topic for Lynn L’Heureux’s weekly reflection

Vincentian Day of Prayer and Fast Tuesday December 15, 2015

Dear Vincentian Brothers and Sisters.  Pray always for Peace and remember to also pray for your enemy.  God will heal their hearts and change their thoughts if we pray.  Remember to pray for our Vincentian Family and all priests, bishops and all who are called to serve our Lord.

God Whispers to Our Hearts“Yes, I’m listening.” 1 Samuel 3:10.  We are so blessed to know our Lord is so close. He is there in the very air we breathe.  We sometimes never think of how close He is especially at this time of year with so many things seeking our attention.  Even though we are unaware of His presence He is with us all the time.  He makes His awesome presence known to us in so many ways. All of a sudden a little blessing or miracle will appear. We sometimes do not think it is Him, but it is.  I have been trying to help a woman in Calgary with an incident with her son in Vancouver and we talked and both prayed and you got it, things started coming together.  God was whispering to us.  I love smiles and hugs as you know.  There is one very special little girl at Church who always smiles and tells me it is a prayer from Jesus.  I taught her well.  She has told all her school mates.  This is one of God’s miracles whispered into her ear.  Sometimes it is an “AH HA” moment and sometimes we need a nudge and then it is usually very important or urgent.  Listen to the whispers in your heart.  Sometimes they are warnings and He gives us a caution or prayer and sometimes it is in our dreams.  He comforts us and advises us on all things, reassuring us with tender words and letting us know we are not alone.  Listen, Yes, I am listening, Lord.

I Am a Sinner – God knows who we are.  We can pull the wool over the eyes of others, but not Our Lord.  If we want to be a saint we have to acknowledge we are sinners.  We of course have to seek forgiveness for our sins and do penance.  We also need to pray every day to forgive others and ourselves for our sinfulness.  “Who are you?” This was asked of our Pope some time ago by one of the journalists.  And what he responded has always caught me off guard. He was asked by a journalist:  “Who are you? Who is Pope Francis?”  And Pope Francis had a very simple response – “I am a sinner.  I am a sinner.”   This has always stuck in my mind.  I recognize that when I go to visit those in need and squash the temptation to judge.  When you read the lives of the Saints, they too are sinners.  We must keep trying to be better.  Pope Francis thinks like Jesus and we must do so also.  We already know we must serve like Him; this is just a step further. We are all sinners without exception.  We start by recognizing ourselves as sinners and then we seek forgiveness and try to change ourselves. In our common humanity we are indeed sinners and we stand before our Lord, Saviour and King and ask for forgiveness. He gives us His Kingdom of truth and welcomes us as a sinner.  This is not a one shot deal but ongoing.  Remember that free will thing it is always with us, so we are human and will be forgiven forever.

Celebrate the Kingdom – Where is the Kingdom?  We desperately need to know and feel the Kingdom today in these times of hate and prejudices and violence.  The Kingdom is in us.  Thy Kingdom come is a request to make us better.  We are the ones to spread the Kingdom. …

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